“Taxi! Taxi!” I was recently in downtown Berkeley near  Berkeley City College and I saw a line of cabs with their drivers standing around talking in four different languages waiting for fares (passengers). It did not resemble the cast of the TV show “Taxi” at all!  People who are looking for work and have little experience often seek my advice on getting a job. Many of them say they want to work with people and make a difference.  I ask them if they have a clean driving record.  If they do I tell them – drive a cab! I first started driving a Taxicab in January 1968, rightRead More →

IT’S SNOWING IN BERKELEY By Winston Burton Last week the temperatures fell, and there was snow on Mt. Diablo and at other higher elevations. Also there was lots of TV coverage of snow storms on the East Coast and Midwest. I must admit that during the recently passed holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Super Bowl) I also kind of missed the snow, something that rarely happens in Berkeley. When it snows everyone looks better. With a hat pulled over your head, scarf wrapped several times around your face, layers of multiple sweaters on and wearing big boots – what’s not to like. You’reRead More →

IN SEARCH OF JIMI HENDRIX By Winston Burton Should we erect a statue of Jimi Hendrix in Berkeley, California? Whaddaya think? In September, 1967 I started my freshman year at Philadelphia Community College where I proceeded to major in “Jimi Hendrix”. Together with a group of friends, I spent that first semester getting high, cutting classes and listening to music. I went from a “B” student, Motown and button down shirts in high school – to bell bottoms, headbands and Jimi, in a blink of an eye (4F’s and an I to be exact)! In those days there was an active military draft and IRead More →