COMMUNITY COURAGE By Winston Burton The law of the jungle is survival of the fittest; the law of civilization is cooperation! I had walked by the same one story office building in Hayward for over a year on my way to work often waving good morning to the occupants, but only rarely getting a wave back. One day a woman ran from that building to my office, which was down the street, screaming, “Help! Help! He stole my purse! “Who,” I said. She pointed to a white male running down the street. I took off in hot pursuit. He was not slowing down. He zigzaggedRead More →

Imagine A Day Without Hippies Last week I was driving my 12 year old son to his music lesson, listening to NPR. It was a beautiful day and all was right with the world, and then he said something, out of the clear blue sky that chilled me to the bone. “I hate hippies”! “Why”, I said ?. “They’re losers! They messed up my future with their hippie revolution – sitting around half-naked on blankets flashing that stupid peace sign. We should have dropped the bomb! Then there wouldn’t be any wars and I wouldn’t have to go to Iraq or some other crazy countryRead More →